Commit 6abe2316 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Some refactoring and comments in [Front].

parent d8a74eab
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
(* Reading a grammar from a file. *)
let load_grammar_from_contents filename contents =
InputFile.new_input_file filename;
InputFile.with_file_contents contents (fun () ->
let open Lexing in
let lexbuf = Lexing.from_string contents in
......@@ -27,35 +28,44 @@ let load_grammar_from_contents filename contents =
with Syntax.pg_filename = filename }
let load_partial_grammar filename : Syntax.partial_grammar =
let check_filename filename =
let validExt = if Settings.coq then ".vy" else ".mly" in
if not (Filename.check_suffix filename validExt) then
Error.error []
"argument file names should end in %s. \"%s\" is not accepted."
validExt filename;
InputFile.new_input_file filename;
validExt filename
let load_grammar_from_file filename : Syntax.partial_grammar =
check_filename filename;
let contents = IO.read_whole_file filename in
load_grammar_from_contents filename contents
with Sys_error msg ->
Error.error [] "%s" msg
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Read all of the grammar files that are named on the command line. *)
(* Read all of the grammar files that are named on the command line, plus the
standard library, unless suppressed by [--no-stdlib] or [--coq]. *)
let grammars () : Syntax.partial_grammar list = load_grammar_from_file Settings.filenames
let grammars : Syntax.partial_grammar list =
let grammars () = load_partial_grammar Settings.filenames in
if Settings.no_stdlib || Settings.coq then
grammars ()
else begin
InputFile.new_input_file Settings.stdlib_filename;
let standard_grammar =
load_grammar_from_contents Settings.stdlib_filename Standard_mly.contents in
standard_grammar :: grammars ()
(* As 20190924, the standard library is no longer actually read from a
file. Instead, its text is built into the Menhir executable: it is
found in the string [Standard_mly.contents]. We parse it just as if
it had been read from a file, and pretend that the file name is
[Settings.stdlib_filename]. This file name can appear in generated
parsers, because Menhir produces # directives that point back to
source (.mly) files. *)
Standard_mly.contents ::
let () =
Time.tick "Lexing and parsing"
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