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Final cleanup. Moved some comments to TODO.

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* Think about the consequences of --coverage.
Some automaton states could be inaccessible. Is this frequent?
Some automaton states could contain code for triggering an error,
when in fact the analysis proves that no error can be triggered
in these states. Is this frequent?
* About --list-errors:
explain that any production that contains [error] is ignored
collect performance data
correlate with star size and alphabet size, etc. draw a graph
graph unreachable states, too
* autoriser %token FOO "foo"
pour pouvoir afficher les tokens sous forme plus lisible
......@@ -1138,14 +1138,5 @@ let () =
(stat.Gc.top_heap_words * (Sys.word_size / 8) / 1024 / 1024)
(* TODO:
collect performance data, correlated with star size and alphabet size; draw a graph
measure the cost of assertions
remove $syntaxerror?
how do we maintain the list of error messages when the grammar evolves?
implement a naive semi-algorithm that enumerates all input sentences,
and evaluate how well (or how badly) it scales
document! explain that any production that contains [error] is ignored
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