Commit 69d71231 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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......@@ -326,9 +326,17 @@ module Make (T : TABLE) = struct
(* Build an initial environment. *)
(* Unfortunately, there is no type-safe way of constructing a
dummy token. Tokens carry semantic values, which in general
we cannot manufacture. This instance of [Obj.magic] could
be avoided by adopting a different representation (e.g., no
[env.error] field, and an option in the first component of
[env.triple]), but I like this representation better. *)
let dummy_token = Obj.magic () in
let env = {
error = false;
triple = (Obj.magic (), Lexing.dummy_pos, Lexing.dummy_pos); (* dummy *)
triple = (dummy_token, Lexing.dummy_pos, Lexing.dummy_pos); (* dummy *)
stack = empty;
current = s;
} in
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