Commit 65080421 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois


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* Distribute HTML doc as part of package and on the Web page. Add to CHANGES.
* Do not host the .tar.gz archive on yquem. Look into
* Think about implementing Adams and Might's technique for intersecting
......@@ -142,8 +144,11 @@
* Documenter la différence de philosophie avec Denny & Malloy à propos
des conflits (cf. email à Laurence Tratt).
* bundle the Coq library with menhir, and add demos/calc-coq
to show how it is used
* Create an opam package for the Coq library.
Add demos/calc-coq to show how it is used.
* Simplify the demos by assuming that Menhir is already installed.
* allow the user to choose the type of "source code intervals" that are stored
in the stack (instead of imposing a pair of locations, $startpos and $endpos)
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