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* Document the recent additions (CHANGES + doc).
- API documentation:
the incremental API uses prototype+explanation, but the inspection API uses explanation+prototype
present functions in a sensible order
organize them into groups?
use internal hyperlinks
- menhirLib: new functions
feed (inspection API)
MenhirLib.Printers: incompatible type change of print_stack
MenhirLib.ErrorReports: new module
- Send CompCert pull request.
* Menhir's Web page should be folded back into the git repo's README.
......@@ -32,7 +28,7 @@
- expose the number of states (useful for memoisation).
- expose the number of productions.
- expose an isomorphism between token and xtoken = exists 'a. ('a terminal * 'a)
T.token2terminal, T.token2value offer one direction
T.token2terminal, T.token2value offer one direction (token -> xtoken)
the other direction would have to be generated
* standard library: define "%public %inline epsilon: {}", which allows using
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