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Warn if the grammar uses [error] and --list-errors is set.

Count and display the number of reachable states.
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......@@ -211,6 +211,9 @@ let is_solid s =
us where we come from, where we are, and which production(s) we are hoping
to reduce in the future. *)
let grammar_uses_error =
ref false
module Trie : sig
type trie
......@@ -301,6 +304,7 @@ end = struct
raise DeadBranch
| (Symbol.T t) :: _ when Terminal.equal t Terminal.error ->
grammar_uses_error := true;
raise DeadBranch
| a :: w ->
(* Check if there is a transition labeled [a] out of [t.current]. If
......@@ -514,6 +518,13 @@ let () =
if X.verbose then
(* Produce a warning if the grammar uses the [error] pseudo-token. *)
let () =
if !grammar_uses_error then
Error.warning []
"--list-errors ignores all productions that involve the error token."
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
(* The module [T] maintains a set of known facts. *)
......@@ -1070,11 +1081,17 @@ let explored =
let data : (Nonterminal.t * W.word) Lr1.NodeMap.t ref =
ref Lr1.NodeMap.empty
(* [reachable] is a set of all reachable states. *)
let reachable =
ref Lr1.NodeSet.empty
(* Perform the forward search. *)
let _, _ = (fun ((s', z), path) ->
incr explored;
reachable := Lr1.NodeSet.add s' !reachable;
(* If [z] causes an error in state [s'] and this is the first time
we are able to trigger an error in this state, ... *)
if causes_an_error s' z && not (Lr1.NodeMap.mem s' !data) then begin
......@@ -1110,8 +1127,10 @@ let () =
if X.verbose then begin
"%d graph nodes explored by forward search.\n\
%d out of %d states are reachable.\n\
Found %d states where an error can occur.\n%!"
(Lr1.NodeSet.cardinal !reachable) Lr1.n
(Lr1.NodeMap.cardinal !data);
let stat = Gc.quick_stat() in
......@@ -1120,18 +1139,13 @@ let () =
(* TODO:
remove CompletedNatWitness?, revert Fix
collect performance data, correlated with star size and alphabet size; draw a graph
count the unreachable states and see if they are numerous in practice
optionally report several ways of reaching an error in state s
(with different lookahead tokens) (report all of them?)
warn if --list-errors is set AND the grammar uses [error]
control verbose output
measure the cost of assertions
remove $syntaxerror?
how do we maintain the list of error messages when the grammar evolves?
implement a naive semi-algorithm that enumerates all input sentences,
and evaluate how well (or how badly) it scales
document! explain that any production that contains [error] is ignored
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