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* Conflict explanation can be very slow when there are many conflicts.
Can we do something about it?
  • We could simply stop producing an explanation if we reach an arbitrary (but configurable) threshold (100?).

  • Sure, we could do that. We could also define the threshold in terms of absolute time instead of number of conflicts. Also, with Multicore OCaml, we could easily parallelize.

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* Add a new flag `--show-stdlib` to print standard.mly. (Suggested by
Gabriel Scherer.)
......@@ -7,8 +10,9 @@
* Allow %type declarations to appear in the rule section.
* generate-printers should not be a demo but a tool,
and should be installed.
It would solve issue #6.
and should be installed. It would solve issue #6.
Even more convenient would be to build its functionality directly
into Menhir.
* Allow the generated types (token, etc.) to be annotated with OCaml
attributes such as [@@deriving show].
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