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Package: godi-menhir
Version: VERSION
Revision: 0
Depends: godi-ocaml (>= 4.02)
Maintainer: Franois Pottier <>
Docfiles: manual.pdf, menhir.1
Description: A LR(1) parser generator for Objective Caml.
Menhir compiles LR(1) grammar specifications down to Objective Caml code. It
accepts legacy ocamlyacc grammar specifications, with a few caveats. It is
superior to ocamlyacc in several ways. For instance, it offers a library of
standard parameterized definitions, including options, sequences, and lists,
and allows users to define their own parameterized nonterminal symbols. It
accepts LR(1) grammars, as opposed to only LALR(1) grammars, and attempts to
explain conflicts in a readable way. See the reference manual for a more
detailed overview of Menhir.
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