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* Document the recent additions (CHANGES + doc).
- attributes in .mly files
rationale / purpose
syntax of attributes
placement of attributes
attributes are incompatible with %inline
how attributes are propagated during expansion of parameterized definitions
how %attribute is desugared
* move to a new license (GPL V2?), as per Hongbo Zhang's request.
* Les fichiers dans demos/ ne devraient pas être sous QPL mais libres...
* move to
* clean up this TODO file! and use gitlab issues for known bugs.
* clean up and parallelize the test suite.
* see if ErrorReports could be part of MenhirLib.
* see if --only-preprocess-for-ocamlyacc could be implemented.
......@@ -15,9 +28,6 @@
Should we check that it is not used?
* Discussion with Frédéric Bour.
- clean up tabs -> spaces, remove trailing spaces. (use emacs in batch mode, or sed)
check that my .emacs produces only spaces
- annotations/attributes in .mly files
- SDK, exposing a dump of Grammar/Lr0/Lr1
- Engine: offer richer API
new stack inspection API, without streams
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