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Merge branch 'coverage' of git+ssh:// into coverage

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......@@ -774,4 +774,18 @@ let () =
write to .coverage file
remove Coverage, remove CompletedNatWitness?, revert Fix
collect performance data, correlated with star size and alphabet size; draw a graph
count the unreachable states and see if they are numerous in practice
search github for .mly files (batch search? unique files?)
extension:mly in:path size:>10000 mly
(* One could approach the problem just by exploring the (infinite) graph whose
vertices are configurations of the LR automaton (i.e., stacks, or perhaps
pairs of a stack and a lookahead symbol) and transitions are determined by
feeding one symbol to the automaton. A small-step version of the reference
interpreter would allow us to set this up easily. One could then run a
breadth-first exploration of this graph and stop when desired, e.g., as
soon as all automaton states have been reached. However, this process does
not necessarily terminate, and could be very costly -- e.g. enumerating all
sentences of length 10 when the alphabet has size 100 costs 10^20. Also,
this approach cannot prove that a state is unreachable. *)
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