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* Remove the unsafe type casts in Printers, InspectionTableInterpreter.
* Push tags of old repo (forge) into new repo.
update repo URL in opam (use public URL)
* Document the recent additions (CHANGES + doc).
- slightly nicer syntax error messages
- attributes in .mly files
rationale / purpose
syntax of attributes
......@@ -15,26 +18,27 @@
- menhirLib: new functions
loop_handle_undo, shifts, acceptable
pop, top, equal, drop, get
pop, top, equal, pop_many, get
feed (inspection API)
production numbers (production_index, find_production)
menhirLib: possibly incompatible change of type 'a env
MenhirLib.Printers: incompatible type change of print_stack
deprecated streams, [stack], MenhirLib.General.
MenhirLib.ErrorReports: new module
- Send CompCert pull request.
* Move more of ErrorReports from CompCert to MenhirLib.
* Implementing may_reduce by looping over the action table may be too
conservative? There may be situations where there is no reduce action
in the table (because they were killed off by conflict resolution) yet
this state is still capable of reducing this production.
* move to
* clean up this TODO file! and use gitlab issues for known bugs.
* see if ErrorReports could be part of MenhirLib.
Use Markdown format for CHANGES, etc.
* see if --only-preprocess-for-ocamlyacc could be implemented.
Re-introduce $1 keywords.
......@@ -46,6 +50,7 @@
Should we check that it is not used?
* Possible extensions to the inspection API:
- offer a way of mapping an initial state (number) back to its nonterminal symbol
- expose the number of states (useful for memoisation).
- expose the number of productions.
- expose an isomorphism between token and xtoken = exists 'a. ('a terminal * 'a)
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