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Commit 44ace2d0 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Removed old Makefile in calc-param.

parent 98e321d8
# Find Menhir.
ifndef MENHIR
MENHIR := $(shell ../
# Add --table on the next line to use Menhir's table-based back-end.
PGFLAGS := --infer
GENERATED := parser.mli tokens.mli
MODULES := parser lexer calc
OCAMLDEPWRAPPER := ../ocamldep.wrapper
include ../Makefile.shared
$(eval $(call menhir_monomodule,tokens,--only-tokens))
$(eval $(call menhir_multimodule,parser,tokens.mly parser.mly,--external-tokens Tokens))
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