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# Changes
## 2020/12/XX
## 2020/12/01
* The module `MenhirLib.ErrorReports` is extended with new functions:
`wrap_supplier`, `extract`, `sanitize`, `compress`, `shorten`, `expand`.
......@@ -28,6 +28,13 @@
`.messages` files and wish to combine their work.
(Suggested by Gabriel Scherer and François Bobot.)
* The commands that read `.messages` files have been hardened so as to
tolerate situations where a sentence mentions a nonexistent symbol or does
not lead to an error state. When such a sentence is encountered, an error
message is produced on the standard error channel; then, this sentence is
ignored and processing continues. (As an exception, the command
`--compile-errors` refuses to proceed in the presence of such sentences.)
## 2020/11/22
* The new command line switch `--dump-resolved` writes a description of the
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