Commit 2fe6be9b authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Change [--compare-errors] to not build [table1].

This affects the order in which error messages are produced.
parent dbbc6d94
......@@ -665,26 +665,34 @@ let () =
let compare_errors filename1 filename2 =
(* Read and convert both files, as above. *)
(* Read both files. *)
let runs1 = read_messages filename1
and runs2 = read_messages filename2 in
let runs1 = target_runs runs1
and runs2 = target_runs runs2 in (* could ignore errors here *)
let table1 = message_table false runs1
and table2 = message_table false runs2 in
(* Convert the right-hand file to a table for quick lookup. *)
(* There is no need to convert the left-hand file. In fact, not
converting it to a table allows us to produce error messages
in an order that respects the left-hand file. *)
let table2 = message_table false runs2 in
(* Check that the domain of [table1] is a subset of the domain of
[table2]. *)
Error.with_new_category (fun c ->
table1 |> Lr1.NodeMap.iter (fun s (sentence1, _) ->
foreach_targeted_sentence (fun () (sentence1, target1) _message1 ->
let s = target2state target1 in
if not (Lr1.NodeMap.mem s table2) then
let poss1 = fst sentence1 in
Error.signal c poss1
"this sentence leads to an error in state %d.\n\
No sentence that leads to this state exists in \"%s\"."
(Lr1.number s) filename2
) () runs1;
(* Check that [table1] is a subset of [table2], that is, for every state
[s] in the domain of [table1], [s] is mapped by [table1] and [table2]
......@@ -693,9 +701,10 @@ let compare_errors filename1 filename2 =
allows using [--list-errors] and [--compare-errors] in conjunction to
ensure that a [.messages] file is complete, without seeing warnings
about different messages. *)
table1 |> Lr1.NodeMap.iter (fun s (sentence1, message1) ->
foreach_targeted_sentence (fun () (sentence1, target1) message1 ->
if message1 <> default_message then
let s = target2state target1 in
let sentence2, message2 = Lr1.NodeMap.find s table2 in
if message1 <> message2 then
let poss1 = fst sentence1
......@@ -706,7 +715,7 @@ let compare_errors filename1 filename2 =
(Lr1.number s) filename1 filename2
with Not_found ->
) () runs1
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