Une nouvelle version du portail de gestion des comptes externes sera mise en production lundi 09 août. Elle permettra d'allonger la validité d'un compte externe jusqu'à 3 ans. Pour plus de détails sur cette version consulter : https://doc-si.inria.fr/x/FCeS

Commit 2a668b10 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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......@@ -68,9 +68,6 @@
(Always parenthesize production groups that share a semantic action?)
(Or just disallow them?)
* Move more parts of the module `ErrorReports` from CompCert to MenhirLib.
In `show`, might want to apply `shorten` to the output of `f`.
* Complete the implementation of `--only-preprocess-for-ocamlyacc`.
Currently, the position keywords (`$startpos`, etc.) are not supported.
Translate them to calls to the `Parsing` module.
......@@ -81,19 +78,6 @@
Should we avoid producing it?
Should we check that it is not used?
* `--compile-errors` could warn about messages that are wider than 80 columns.
* Could `--compile-errors` warn statically about uses of `$i` that are
out of range?
* Implement `--merge-errors` which merges two `.messages` files. When there
are two messages for the same state, if one of them is the default message
`<YOUR SYNTAX ERROR MESSAGE HERE>`, then it should be discarded; otherwise a
conflict should be signaled. In fact, this is very much like `--compare-errors`,
except that instead of complaining when a state has either no message or two
distinct messages, we fix these problems.
(Gabriel Scherer.)
* Allow writing `%token FOO [@unused]`.
This should be equivalent to passing `--unused-token FOO`
on the command line.
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