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Added --echo-errors.

parent 050831fd
* If we keep --on-error-reduce, document it.
* Is it true that the warning "this production is never reduced" is
sound but incomplete? i.e. certain states could be unreachable and
we do not know it (but LRijkstra can tell us).
......@@ -15,29 +13,17 @@
* Error.signal should call error_message?
* Document --list-errors --interpret-error --compile-errors --compare-errors --update-errors
* Document --list-errors --interpret-error --compile-errors --compare-errors --update-errors --echo-errors --on-error-reduce
explain that any production that contains [error] is ignored by --list-errors
Should --list-errors also print the sentence in concrete form? (as a comment)
requires knowing the concrete form of every token
document the .messages file format
likely pitfall: if Menhir says, "foo" is not a valid nonterminal symbol,
then look for a blank line, higher up, between two sentences.
explain the meaning of the spurious reductions warning
explain the meaning of the spurious reductions warning (sometimes missing!)
--compile-errors could warn about messages wider than 80 columns
could also warn statically about out-of-range $i?
document the workflow
collect performance data
correlate with star size and alphabet size, etc.
create separate graphs for 3 modes: --lalr, pager, --canonical
remove lr.csv when done
Could --interpret-error obey --trace?
Auto-comment: show the shape of the stack (invariant).
Idea: allow the user to make assertions about
the known shape of the stack,
the known lhs of all items in the state,
the possible continuations...?
Idea: investigate the use of placeholders (in the message)
that could be filled with dynamic information!
* Clear up the Windows path confusion. Can we use "/" in Menhir's
source code and in the Makefiles? Does OPAM work on Windows?
(* This module is in charge of handling the [--interpret] option,
if it is present. *)
module I = Invariant (* artificial dependency; ensures that [Invariant] runs first *)
(* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
......@@ -739,3 +736,24 @@ let () =
exit 0
(* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* If [--echo-errors <filename>] is set, echo the error sentences found in file
[filename]. Do not echo the error messages or the comments. *)
let () =
Settings.echo_errors |> Option.iter (fun filename ->
(* Read the file. *)
let runs : run or_comment list = read_messages filename in
(* Echo. *)
List.iter (or_comment_iter (fun run ->
let (sentences : located_sentence or_comment list), _, _ = run in
List.iter (or_comment_iter (fun (_, sentence) ->
print_string (print_sentence sentence)
)) sentences
)) runs
......@@ -16,6 +16,12 @@ type 'a or_comment =
| Thing of 'a
| Comment of comment
let or_comment_iter f = function
| Thing s ->
f s
| Comment _ ->
let or_comment_map f = function
| Thing s ->
Thing (f s)
......@@ -191,6 +191,12 @@ let update_errors =
let set_update_errors filename =
update_errors := Some filename
let echo_errors =
ref None
let set_echo_errors filename =
echo_errors := Some filename
let on_error_reduce_symbols =
ref StringSet.empty
......@@ -208,6 +214,7 @@ let options = Arg.align [
"--coq-no-actions", Arg.Set coq_no_actions, " Ignore semantic actions in the Coq output";
"--depend", Arg.Unit (fun () -> depend := OMPostprocess), " Invoke ocamldep and display dependencies";
"--dump", Arg.Set dump, " Describe the automaton in <basename>.automaton";
"--echo-errors", Arg.String set_echo_errors, "<filename> Echo the sentences in a .messages file";
"--error-recovery", Arg.Set recovery, " (no longer supported)";
"--explain", Arg.Set explain, " Explain conflicts in <basename>.conflicts";
"--external-tokens", Arg.String codeonly, "<module> Import token type definition from <module>";
......@@ -465,6 +472,9 @@ let compare_errors =
let update_errors =
let echo_errors =
let on_error_reduce nt =
StringSet.mem nt !on_error_reduce_symbols
......@@ -202,6 +202,12 @@ val compare_errors: (string * string) option
val update_errors: string option
(* This flag causes Menhir to read the error message descriptions stored in
[filename] and echo the error sentences (and nothing else; no messages,
no comments). *)
val echo_errors: string option
(* This function takes a non-terminal symbol and tells whether it appears
in a command line switch of the form [--on-error-reduce]. This switch
indicates that extra reductions are desired when an error is detected. *)
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