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Comments on compatibility.

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......@@ -464,6 +464,27 @@ let subsume ((k1, toksr1) as state1) ((k2, toksr2) as state2) =
some conflict at [t] can be explained. This was not true when using
Pager's original criterion. *)
(* A word of caution: reasoning about compatibility is tricky and often
counter-intuitive. Here is a list of properties and non-properties:
- Compatibility is reflexive and symmetric.
- Compatibility is *not* transitive.
- If two states A and B are in the subumption relation (i.e., one is a
subset of the other), then A and B are compatible.
- Compatibility is *not* monotonic. That is, it is *not* the case that if
two states A and B are incompatible, then two larger states A' and B'
must be incompatible as well. (The fact that the state A U B is
compatible with itself shows that this is false.) In the contrapositive,
it is *not* the case that if A and B are compatible, then two smaller
states A' and B' must be compatible as well.
- Compatibility is preserved by union of compatible states. That is, if
A and B are compatible, then C is compatible with (A U B) if and only
if C is compatible with both A and B. *)
let compatible (k1, toksr1) (k2, toksr2) =
assert (k1 = k2);
let n = Array.length toksr1 in
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