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Update some outdated comments.

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......@@ -14,14 +14,9 @@
(* This module formulates the construction of the canonical LR(1) automaton as
a least fixed point computation. *)
(* It is currently *not* used; the code in [Lr1construction] also constructs
the canonical LR(1) automaton when [--canonical] is passed on the command
line. *)
(* The code in this module has been tested and seems correct. Furthermore, it
appears to be roughly as efficient as the code in [Lr1construction]. There
are some outliers, though; sometimes one is 2x faster than the other,
sometimes it is the converse. *)
(* It is currently *not* used; the code in [LR1CanonicalAsTraversal] is used
instead when [--canonical] is passed on the command line, as it is about
twice faster. *)
(* This formulation may be deemed somewhat naive: because a "variable" is an
LR(0) state and a "property" is a set of LR(1) states, every time the
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