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Fix DWordBitSet.union and QWordBitSet.union in the same way,

although it is not clear whether this is necessary.
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......@@ -144,7 +144,9 @@ let union s1 s2 =
| s, E ->
| D (hi1, lo1), D (hi2, lo2) ->
D (A.union hi1 hi2, A.union lo1 lo2)
let hi = A.union hi1 hi2
and lo = A.union lo1 lo2 in
if hi == hi2 && lo == lo2 then s2 else D (hi, lo)
let inter s1 s2 =
match s1, s2 with
......@@ -194,8 +194,12 @@ let union s1 s2 =
| s, E ->
| Q (hhi1, hlo1, lhi1, llo1), Q (hhi2, hlo2, lhi2, llo2) ->
Q (A.union hhi1 hhi2, A.union hlo1 hlo2,
A.union lhi1 lhi2, A.union llo1 llo2)
let hhi = A.union hhi1 hhi2
and hlo = A.union hlo1 hlo2
and lhi = A.union lhi1 lhi2
and llo = A.union llo1 llo2 in
if hhi == hhi2 && hlo == hlo2 && lhi == lhi2 && llo == llo2 then s2
else Q (hhi, hlo, lhi, llo)
let inter s1 s2 =
match s1, s2 with
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