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Comments in the engine. The issue with the very first call to the lexer

in the special case where the language is empty or {epsilon} is now fixed.
parent abb0189f
......@@ -8,16 +8,6 @@
(they need --external-tokens and --only-tokens)
Then, one could remove Makefile.shared and ocamldep.wrapper.
* initial call to [run env true] should be [run env false]
if the initial state has a default reduction on #
i.e. if only the empty word is accepted!
I think currently the code back-end is OK
and the table back-end is wrong (void.mly)
in theory, [entry] in []
should be parameterized by [please_discard]
which should be [false] iff the initial state
has a default reduction on #
* Changes that could be applied to the code back-end:
[action] could now be inlined into [run]
[initiate] and [bookkeeping] could be merged?
......@@ -959,7 +959,7 @@ let runpushcellunless shiftreduce s e =
invoke the lexer, so the [run] function for an initial state must
do it. (Except in the very special case where the initial state
has a default reduction on [#] -- this means the grammar recognizes
only the empty word.) *)
only the empty word. We have ruled out this case.) *)
let gettoken s defred e =
match Lr1.incoming_symbol s, defred with
......@@ -343,10 +343,12 @@ module Make (T : TABLE) = struct
(* Begin parsing. *)
(* The parameter [please_discard] here is [true], which means we know
that we must read at least one token. This claim relies on the fact
that we have ruled out the two special cases where a start symbol
recognizes the empty language or the singleton language {epsilon}. *)
run env true
(* TEMPORARY in principle [please_discard] here should be [false]
if the state [s] has a default reduction on [#], that is, if
this starting state accepts only the empty word. *)
(* [offer env triple] is invoked by the user in response to a result of the
form [InputNeeded env]. [offer] is just a synonym for [discard]. *)
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