Commit 1d3c0e16 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois


parent 8dfc6f98
......@@ -239,16 +239,19 @@ let inline_branch caller (i, producer : site) (callee : branch) : branch =
between %prec and %inline. *)
check_prec_inline caller producer nsuffix callee;
(* These are the names of the producers in the host branch,
minus the producer that is being inlined away. *)
(* Compute the names of the producers in the host branch (the caller), minus
the one that is being inlined away. Rename the producers of the inlined
branch (the callee), if necessary, so as to avoid a clash with this set.
The goal is to guarantee that, after inlining, all producers in the newly
constructed branch have unique names. *)
let used = StringSet.union (names prefix) (names suffix) in
(* Rename the producers of this branch if they conflict with
the name of the host's producers. *)
let phi, inlined_producers = rename used callee.producers in
(* After inlining, the producers are as follows. *)
(* Construct (the producers of) the new branch. The prefix and suffix of the
caller are preserved. In the middle, [producer] disappears and is replaced
with [inlined_producers]. For debugging purposes, check that each producer
in the new branch carries a unique name. *)
let producers = prefix @ inlined_producers @ suffix in
(* For debugging: check that each producer carries a unique name. *)
let (_ : StringSet.t) = names producers in
let name = producers |> Array.of_list |> producer_identifier in
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