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Commit 1b02a4e6 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Variable renaming, for consistency.

parent 5832de9a
......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ let print_preludes f g =
Printf.fprintf f "%%{%s%%}\n" prelude.stretch_raw_content
) g.preludes
let print_start_symbols b g =
let print_start_symbols f g =
StringSet.iter (fun symbol ->
Printf.fprintf b "%%start %s\n" (Misc.normalize symbol)
Printf.fprintf f "%%start %s\n" (Misc.normalize symbol)
) g.start_symbols
let print_ocamltype ocamltype =
......@@ -58,11 +58,11 @@ let compare_tokens (_token, prop) (_token', prop') =
| PrecedenceLevel (m, v, _, _), PrecedenceLevel (m', v', _, _) ->
compare_pairs InputFile.compare_input_files (m, v) (m', v')
let print_tokens mode b g =
let print_tokens mode f g =
(* Print the %token declarations. *)
StringMap.iter (fun token prop ->
if prop.tk_is_declared then
Printf.fprintf b "%%token%s %s\n"
Printf.fprintf f "%%token%s %s\n"
begin match mode with
| PrintNormal
| PrintUnitActions ->
......@@ -83,17 +83,17 @@ let print_tokens mode b g =
let (_token, prop) = try List.hd level with Failure _ -> assert false in
(* Do nothing about the tokens that have no precedence. *)
if prop.tk_precedence <> UndefinedPrecedence then begin
Printf.fprintf b "%s" (print_assoc prop.tk_associativity);
Printf.fprintf f "%s" (print_assoc prop.tk_associativity);
List.iter (fun (token, _prop) ->
Printf.fprintf b " %s" token
Printf.fprintf f " %s" token
) level;
Printf.fprintf b "\n"
Printf.fprintf f "\n"
) levels
let print_types mode b g =
let print_types mode f g =
StringMap.iter (fun symbol ty ->
Printf.fprintf b "%%type%s %s\n"
Printf.fprintf f "%%type%s %s\n"
begin match mode with
| PrintNormal ->
print_ocamltype ty
......@@ -128,8 +128,8 @@ let print_branch mode f branch =
Printf.fprintf f "}\n"
let print_postludes b g =
List.iter (fun stretch -> Printf.fprintf b "%s\n" stretch.stretch_raw_content) g.postludes
let print_postludes f g =
List.iter (fun stretch -> Printf.fprintf f "%s\n" stretch.stretch_raw_content) g.postludes
(* Because the resolution of reduce/reduce conflicts is implicitly dictated by
the order in which productions appear in the grammar, the printer should be
......@@ -162,17 +162,17 @@ let compare_rules (_nt, (r : rule)) (_nt', (r' : rule)) =
(* To compare two rules, it suffices to compare their first productions. *)
compare_branches b b'
let print_rules mode b g =
let print_rules mode f g =
let rules = List.sort compare_rules (StringMap.bindings g.rules) in
List.iter (fun (nt, r) ->
Printf.fprintf b "\n%s:\n" (Misc.normalize nt);
Printf.fprintf f "\n%s:\n" (Misc.normalize nt);
let first = ref true in
List.iter (fun br ->
(* Menhir accepts a leading "|", but bison does not. Let's not print it. *)
let sep = if !first then " " else "| " in
first := false;
Printf.fprintf b "%s" sep;
print_branch mode b br
Printf.fprintf f "%s" sep;
print_branch mode f br
) r.branches
) rules
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