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Removed a couple of obsolete TODO items.

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......@@ -12,11 +12,6 @@
create separate graphs for 3 modes: --lalr, pager, --canonical
Could --interpret-error obey --trace?
* When dealing with errors, should we back up to the last shift action,
undoing any non-canonical reduce actions? if so, a lot of code is
impacted (--list-errors, --interpret-error, --compile-errors, --compare-errors,
* Dans les avantages de Menhir versus ocamlyacc (dans la doc et
sur la page Web), ajouter le back-end Coq, l'API incrémentale
et l'API d'inspection, les règles anonymes, la gestion fine des
......@@ -63,10 +58,6 @@
document them. The non-inline version allows embedding an action in the
middle of a rule.
* Should we always avoid querying the lexer before a default reduction?
Would that be difficult/possible? Would that help people who want to
trigger changes in the lexer?
* ErrorReporting: experiment with merging several symbols
so as to reduce the noise (e.g. operators, expressions,
etc.). Or just print the same way, but don't quotient
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