Commit 09c47895 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Disable the Nazi warnings when shipping.

So we have a better chance of success if new warnings appear.
parent 9cc7b5e3
......@@ -96,10 +96,12 @@ LIBFILES := \
package: clean
# Create a directory to store the distributed files temporarily.
# In src/_tags, every line tagged "my_warnings" is removed.
@ rm -fr $(PACKAGE)
@ mkdir -p $(PACKAGE)/src
@ cp -fr src/*.ml{,i,y,l,pack} src/Makefile src/_tags src/META $(PACKAGE)/src
@ cp -fr src/*.ml{,i,y,l,pack} src/Makefile src/META $(PACKAGE)/src
@ grep -v my_warnings src/_tags > $(PACKAGE)/src/_tags
@ $(MAKE) -C $(PACKAGE)/demos clean
# Insert headers.
@ echo "-> Inserting headers."
# Enable Jonathan's "nazi warnings".
# Enable Jonathan's "nazi warnings". (my_warnings)
# This is disabled when shipping. (my_warnings)
<*>: my_warnings
# Tag both parser source files with origin_parser.
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