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Update the manual to explain how to use `dune` and `menhir` together.

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## 2018/10/05
* Update the manual to explain how to use `dune` and `menhir` together.
* Install `.cmxs` files for menhirLib and menhirSdk.
* Remove all references to `Pervasives` in the generated OCaml code.
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the interaction with parameterized symbols and with %inline.)
See also de Souza Amorim, Steindorfer & Visser.
* Contribute correct dune build rules for menhir (--infer).
Document them in the Q&A section of the manual.
Use Dune >= 1.4 and write "(using menhir 2.0)"
in the dune-project file.
Write "(infer true)" or "(infer false)" as desired. Default is true.
Check if dune's manual is OK.
* Update the dune demos to work with a recent dune.
* Work of Frédéric on concrete syntax trees.
- Produce a definition of the specific type of CSTs for this grammar.
......@@ -4153,8 +4153,39 @@ See the \distrib{demos} directory for examples.
% use .mlypack + _tags + Not explained here,
% but \distrib{demos/calc-two} contains an example.
\question{How do I use \menhir with \dune?}
To be written. % TEMPORARY
\question{How do I use \menhir with \dune?} Please use \dune version 1.4.0
or newer, as it has appropriate built-in rules for Menhir parsers. In the
simplest scenario, where the parser resides in a single source
file \texttt{parser.mly}, the \texttt{dune-project} file should contain a
``stanza'' along the following lines:
(menhir (
(modules (parser))
(flags ("--explain" "--dump"))
(infer true)
The \oinfer switch has special status and should not be used directly;
instead, write \texttt{(infer true)} or \texttt{(infer false)}, as done above.
(The default is \texttt{true}.) Ordinary command line switches, like \oexplain
and \odump, are passed as part of the \texttt{flags} line, as done above.
The directory \distrib{demos/calc-dune}
% (and others like it)
offers an example.
For more details, see
\href{}{\dune's documentation}.
% It may be necessary to specify which version of the Menhir build rules
% one wishes to use. This is done by writing, e.g.
% \begin{verbatim}
% (using menhir 2.0)
% \end{verbatim}
% at the top level of the \texttt{dune-project} file.
% However, my understanding is that this is usually not necessary.
% \dune will automatically add this line for us
% when a project is first compiled.
\question{\menhir reports \emph{more} shift/reduce conflicts than
\ocamlyacc! How come?} \ocamlyacc sometimes merges two states
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