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Commit 074c6643 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Documented [supplier] and [lexer_lexbuf_to_supplier].

parent 6a9feb94
......@@ -2066,6 +2066,30 @@ Although the type \verb+env+ is opaque, a parser state can be inspected via a
few accessor functions, which we are about to describe. Before we do so, we
give a few more type definitions.
%% type supplier
type supplier =
unit -> token * Lexing.position * Lexing.position
A token supplier is a function of no arguments which delivers a new token
(together with its start and end positions) every time it is called. The
function \verb+loop+ and its variants, described below, expect a supplier
as an argument.
%% val lexer_lexbuf_to_supplier
val lexer_lexbuf_to_supplier:
(Lexing.lexbuf -> token) ->
Lexing.lexbuf ->
The function \verb+lexer_lexbuf_to_supplier+, applied to a lexer and to a
lexing buffer, produces a fresh supplier.
%% type 'a lr1state
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