Commit 0050c841 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Removed two OCaml error-handling functions that are no longer needed.

parent 99d52537
...@@ -25,16 +25,6 @@ ...@@ -25,16 +25,6 @@
let declare_typename (i,_,_) = let declare_typename (i,_,_) =
!declare_typename i !declare_typename i
let syntax_error pos =
Cerrors.fatal_error "%s:%d: syntax error"
pos.Lexing.pos_fname pos.Lexing.pos_lnum
let unclosed opening closing pos1 pos2 = "%s:%d: syntax error: expecting '%s'"
pos2.Lexing.pos_fname pos2.Lexing.pos_lnum closing;
Cerrors.fatal_error "%s:%d: this is the location of the unclosed '%s'"
pos1.Lexing.pos_fname pos1.Lexing.pos_lnum opening
%} %}
%token<string * Pre_parser_aux.identifier_type ref * Cabs.cabsloc> %token<string * Pre_parser_aux.identifier_type ref * Cabs.cabsloc>
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