Commit 00308e7a authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Removed a useless argument to [rename_sw_inner].

parent 1992504c
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ let rename_sw_outer
during inlining. *)
let rename_sw_inner
(_, first_prod, last_prod)
(first_prod, last_prod)
(subject, where) =
match subject, where with
| Left, WhereStart -> Some first_prod
......@@ -158,19 +158,16 @@ let inline grammar =
| (_, x) :: _ -> (Keyword.RightNamed x, Keyword.WhereStart)
let renaming =
(psym, start_position, end_position)
(* Rename the host semantic action.
Each reference of the inlined non terminal [psym] must be taken into
account. $startpos(psym) is changed to $startpos(x) where [x] is
the first producer of the inlined branch if it is not empty or
the preceding producer found in the prefix. *)
let outer_action =
Action.rename (rename_sw_outer renaming) [] b.action
Action.rename (rename_sw_outer (psym, start_position, end_position)) [] b.action
let action' =
Action.rename (rename_sw_inner renaming) phi pb.action
Action.rename (rename_sw_inner (start_position, end_position)) phi pb.action
{ b with
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