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......@@ -53,4 +53,24 @@ The signatures that appear in the above files,
such as `MEMOIZER`, `TABULATOR`, `SOLVER`, and so on,
are defined [here](src/
<!-- demos -->
## Demos
A few demos are provided:
* [`brz`](demos/brz) sets up a hash-consed representation of regular
expressions and shows how to convert a regular expression to a deterministic
finite-state automaton by Brzozowski's method. This demo exploits all of the
submodules listed above!
* [`cyk`](demos/cyk) presents a CYK-style parsing algorithm as an instance of
* [`cfg`](demos/cfg) uses `Fix` to perform certain static analyses of a
context-free grammar; this includes computing nullability information and
FIRST sets.
* [`fib`](demos/fib) defines Fibonacci's function in several different ways
using the fixed-point combinators offered by `Memoize` and `Fix`.
* [`hco`](demos/hco) sets up simple-minded hash-consed trees
using `HashCons`.
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