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......@@ -12,15 +12,22 @@ Type `opam install fix`.
At the top of an OCaml module, declare `open Fix`.
This gives you access to the following submodules:
* [`DataFlow`](src/ performs a forward data flow analysis
* [`CompactQueue`](src/CompactQueue.mli) offers a minimalist mutable
FIFO queue that is tuned for performance.
* [`DataFlow`](src/DataFlow.mli) performs a forward data flow analysis
over a directed graph. Like [`Fix`](src/Core.mli), it computes the
least function of type `variable -> property` that satisfies a fixed
point equation. It is less widely applicable than `Fix`, but, when
it is applicable, it is easier to use and more efficient than `Fix`.
`DataFlow.ForCustomMaps` is particularly tuned for performance.
* [`Gensym`](src/Gensym.mli) offers a simple facility
for **generating fresh integer identifiers**.
* [`Indexing`](src/Indexing.mli) offers a safe API for manipulating indices
into fixed-size arrays.
* [`Memoize`](src/Memoize.mli) offers a number of combinators
that help **construct possibly recursive memoizing functions**, that
is, functions that lazily record their input/output graph,
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