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......@@ -460,6 +460,22 @@
\begin{frame}{Selected Reasoning Rules}
\begin{frame}{Selected Reasoning Rules}
Points-to and pointed-by assertions can be \emph{split} and \emph{joined}.
......@@ -487,13 +503,12 @@
\begin{frame}{Logical Deallocation}
Logical deallocation of a block is a \emph{ghost operation:}
\loc\fpointsto{1}{\btuple\vals} \star \loc\vfpointedby{1}\lsv
\star \pure{\dom{\lsv}\subseteq\{\loc\}}
\qquad \supd \qquad
\quad \supd \quad
\ddag{\{\loc\}} \star \SC{\sz{\btuple\vals}}
% TODO re-draw this rule by hand
......@@ -516,9 +531,6 @@
% TODO reasoning rule for Load or Store
% TODO reasoning rule for Alloca
\begin{frame}{Soundness of \DIAMS}
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