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Added, which needs cleanup.

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(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Sample well-typed terms. *)
let identity =
TeTyAbs ("A", TeAbs ("x", TyVar "A", TeVar "x"))
let terms : raw_term list = [
TeTyAbs ("A", TeAbs ("x", TyVar "A",
TeApp (TeTyApp (identity, TyVar "A"), TeVar "x")
TeTyAbs ("A", TeAbs ("x", TyVar "A",
TeTyAbs ("B", TeAbs ("y", TyVar "B",
TeLet ("id", identity,
TePair (
TeApp (TeTyApp (TeVar "id", TyVar "A"), TeVar "x"),
TeApp (TeTyApp (TeVar "id", TyVar "B"), TeVar "y")
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Sample ill-typed terms. *)
let ill_typed : raw_term list = [
TeTyAbs ("A", TeAbs ("x", TyVar "A", TeApp (TeVar "x", TeVar "x")));
TeProj (1, identity);
TeTyAbs ("A",
TeLet ("id", TeAbs ("x", TyVar "A", TeVar "x"),
TeTyApp (TeVar "id", TyVar "A")
(* TEMPORARY report unbound term variables, with locations. *)
(* TEMPORARY report unbound type variables, with locations. *)
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