Commit 056b214a authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Add UP_le_succ_DN.

parent d8fc5d05
......@@ -2046,6 +2046,16 @@ apply generic_format_pred...
now apply round_UP_pt.
Theorem UP_le_succ_DN :
forall x, (round beta fexp Zceil x <= succ (round beta fexp Zfloor x))%R.
intros x.
rewrite <- (Ropp_involutive x).
rewrite round_DN_opp, round_UP_opp, succ_opp.
apply Ropp_le_contravar.
apply pred_UP_le_DN.
Theorem pred_UP_eq_DN :
forall x, ~ F x ->
(pred (round beta fexp Zceil x) = round beta fexp Zfloor x)%R.
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