Commit 013a37e0 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Homogenize theorem names of Plus_error.

parent 2ef9988e
......@@ -1175,9 +1175,9 @@ Lemma avg_half_sub_no_underflow_aux2: forall u v, format u -> format v ->
(bpow emin) <= Rabs ((u+v)/2) -> avg_half_sub u v <> 0.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
clear Fx Fy a av x y; intros x y Fx Fy same_sign xLey H; unfold avg_half_sub.
apply round_plus_neq_0...
apply generic_format_round...
intros J.
apply round_plus_eq_zero in J...
2: apply generic_format_round...
assert (H1:x <= 0).
apply Rplus_le_reg_r with (round_flt (round_flt (y - x) / 2)).
rewrite J, Rplus_0_l.
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