Commit ef1c2fb4 authored by BOLDO Sylvie's avatar BOLDO Sylvie

Still WIP renaming

parent 2ecd88e3
......@@ -2012,13 +2012,14 @@ apply generic_format_round...
Theorem betw_eq_DN: forall x d, F d (* TODO round_DN_eq_betw + changer sens *)
(* was betw_eq_DN *)
Theorem round_DN_eq_betw: forall x d, F d
-> (d <= x < succ d)%R
-> d = round beta fexp Zfloor x.
-> round beta fexp Zfloor x = d.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
intros x d Fd (Hxd1,Hxd2).
generalize (round_DN_pt beta fexp x); intros (T1,(T2,T3)).
apply Rle_antisym.
apply sym_eq, Rle_antisym.
now apply T3.
destruct (generic_format_EM beta fexp x) as [Fx|NFx].
rewrite round_generic...
......@@ -2032,16 +2033,17 @@ apply generic_format_succ...
now left.
Theorem betw_eq_UP: forall x u, F u(* TODO round_UP_eq_betw + changer sens *)
(* was betw_eq_UP *)
Theorem round_UP_eq_betw: forall x u, F u
-> (pred u < x <= u)%R
-> u = round beta fexp Zceil x.
-> round beta fexp Zceil x = u.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
intros x u Fu Hux.
rewrite <- (Ropp_involutive (round beta fexp Zceil x)).
rewrite <- round_DN_opp.
rewrite <- (Ropp_involutive u).
apply f_equal.
apply betw_eq_DN; try assumption.
apply round_DN_eq_betw; try assumption.
now apply generic_format_opp.
split;[now apply Ropp_le_contravar|idtac].
rewrite succ_opp.
......@@ -2094,11 +2096,11 @@ apply round_N_pt...
apply Rnd_DN_pt_N with (succ u)%R.
pattern u at 3; replace u with (round beta fexp Zfloor ((u + succ u) / 2)).
apply round_DN_pt...
apply sym_eq, betw_eq_DN; trivial.
apply round_DN_eq_betw; trivial.
split; try left; assumption.
pattern (succ u) at 2; replace (succ u) with (round beta fexp Zceil ((u + succ u) / 2)).
apply round_UP_pt...
apply sym_eq, betw_eq_UP; trivial.
apply round_UP_eq_betw; trivial.
apply generic_format_succ...
rewrite pred_succ; trivial.
split; try left; assumption.
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