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Commit ec480f3a authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Added definition of opposite rounding.

parent 7fbe3efd
......@@ -552,6 +552,46 @@ Qed.
End Fcore_generic_rounding_pos.
Section Zrounding_opp.
Variable rnd : Zrounding.
Definition Zrnd_opp x := Zopp (Zrnd rnd (-x)).
Lemma Zrnd_opp_le :
forall x y, (x <= y)%R -> (Zrnd_opp x <= Zrnd_opp y)%Z.
intros x y Hxy.
unfold Zrnd_opp.
generalize (Zrnd_monotone rnd _ _ (Ropp_le_contravar _ _ Hxy)).
Lemma Zrnd_opp_Z2R :
forall n, Zrnd_opp (Z2R n) = n.
intros n.
unfold Zrnd_opp.
rewrite <- opp_Z2R, Zrnd_Z2R.
apply Zopp_involutive.
Definition Zrounding_opp := mkZrounding Zrnd_opp Zrnd_opp_le Zrnd_opp_Z2R.
Theorem rounding_opp :
forall x,
rounding rnd (- x) = Ropp (rounding Zrounding_opp x).
intros x.
unfold rounding.
rewrite opp_F2R, canonic_exponent_opp, scaled_mantissa_opp.
apply (f_equal (fun m => F2R (Float beta m _))).
apply sym_eq.
exact (Zopp_involutive _).
End Zrounding_opp.
Definition ZrndDN := mkZrounding Zfloor Zfloor_le Zfloor_Z2R.
Definition ZrndUP := mkZrounding Zceil Zceil_le Zceil_Z2R.
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