Commit e2f7eefe authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Add fast exponentiation.

parent 097eb2a3
......@@ -772,3 +772,32 @@ now apply Zabs_eq.
End cond_Zopp.
Section fast_pow_pos.
Fixpoint Zfast_pow_pos (v : Z) (e : positive) : Z :=
match e with
| xH => v
| xO e' => Z.square (Zfast_pow_pos v e')
| xI e' => Zmult v (Z.square (Zfast_pow_pos v e'))
Theorem Zfast_pow_pos_correct :
forall v e, Zfast_pow_pos v e = Zpower_pos v e.
intros v e.
rewrite <- (Zmult_1_r (Zfast_pow_pos v e)).
unfold Z.pow_pos.
generalize 1%Z.
revert v.
induction e ; intros v f ; simpl.
- rewrite <- 2!IHe.
rewrite Z.square_spec.
- rewrite <- 2!IHe.
rewrite Z.square_spec.
apply eq_sym, Zmult_assoc.
- apply eq_refl.
End fast_pow_pos.
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