Commit e1f93b84 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Added ulp_monotone.

parent 0376211d
......@@ -246,4 +246,21 @@ apply epow_ge_0.
apply Hd.
Theorem ulp_monotone :
( forall m n, (m <= n)%Z -> (fexp m <= fexp n)%Z ) ->
forall x y: R,
(0 < x)%R -> (x <= y)%R ->
(ulp x <= ulp y)%R.
intros Hm x y Hx Hxy.
unfold ulp.
unfold F2R. simpl.
rewrite 2!Rmult_1_l.
apply -> epow_le.
apply Hm.
rewrite 2!Rabs_pos_eq ; try apply Rlt_le ; trivial.
now apply ln_beta_monotone.
now apply Rlt_le_trans with x.
End Flocq_ulp.
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