Commit da9e58b3 authored by BOLDO Sylvie's avatar BOLDO Sylvie


parent 44d263fb
......@@ -500,6 +500,14 @@ apply ulp_half_error.
rewrite rounding_DN_opp; apply Ropp_0_gt_lt_contravar; apply Rlt_gt; assumption.
Definition Fpred x :=
match Rcompare x (bpow (projT1 (ln_beta beta x)-1)) with
Eq => (x - bpow (fexp (projT1 (ln_beta beta x)-1)%Z))%R
| _ => (x - ulp x)%R
Theorem pred_ge_bpow :
forall x e, F x ->
x <> ulp x ->
......@@ -535,7 +543,7 @@ now rewrite Rmult_1_l.
Theorem toto1:
Theorem Fpred_format_1:
forall x, (0 < x)%R -> F x ->
x <> bpow (projT1 (ln_beta beta x)-1) ->
F (x - ulp x).
......@@ -595,39 +603,123 @@ omega.
Theorem toto2:
Theorem Fpred_format_2:
forall x, (0 < x)%R -> F x ->
let e :=projT1 (ln_beta beta x) in
let e :=projT1 (ln_beta beta x) in
x = bpow (e - 1) ->
F (x - bpow (fexp (e-1))).
(* intros x Zx Fx e Hx.
pose (f:=(x - bpow (fexp (e - 2)))%R).
intros x Zx Fx e Hx.
pose (f:=(x - bpow (fexp (e - 1)))%R).
fold f.
assert (f <> 0)%R.
apply Rminus_eq_contra.
rewrite Hx.
apply sym_not_eq.
apply Rlt_not_eq.
apply -> bpow_lt.
case (Zle_or_lt (fexp (e-1)) (e-1)); intros He.
case (Zle_lt_or_eq _ _ He); clear He; intros He.
assert (f = F2R (Float beta (Zpower (radix_val beta) (e-1-(fexp (e-1))) -1) (fexp (e-1))))%R.
unfold f; rewrite Hx.
unfold F2R; simpl.
rewrite minus_Z2R, Z2R_Zpower.
rewrite Rmult_minus_distr_r, Rmult_1_l.
rewrite <- bpow_add.
now replace (e - 1 - fexp (e - 1) + fexp (e - 1))%Z with (e-1)%Z by ring.
rewrite H.
apply generic_format_canonic_exponent.
apply Zeq_le.
apply canonic_exponent_fexp.
rewrite <- H.
unfold f; rewrite Hx.
rewrite Rabs_right.
apply Rplus_le_reg_l with (bpow (fexp (e-1))).
apply Rle_trans with (bpow (e - 2) + bpow (e - 2))%R.
apply Rplus_le_compat; apply -> bpow_le; omega.
apply Rle_trans with (2*bpow (e - 2))%R;[right; ring|idtac].
apply Rle_trans with (bpow 1*bpow (e - 2))%R.
apply Rmult_le_compat_r.
apply bpow_ge_0.
replace 2%R with (Z2R 2) by reflexivity.
replace (bpow 1) with (Z2R (radix_val beta)).
apply Z2R_le.
apply <- Zle_is_le_bool.
now destruct beta.
unfold Zpower_pos; simpl.
now rewrite Zmult_1_r.
rewrite <- bpow_add.
replace (1+(e-2))%Z with (e-1)%Z by ring.
now right.
rewrite <- Rplus_0_r.
apply Rplus_lt_compat_l.
rewrite <- Ropp_0.
apply Ropp_lt_contravar.
apply bpow_gt_0.
apply Rle_ge; apply Rle_0_minus.
apply -> bpow_le.
replace f with 0%R.
apply generic_format_0.
unfold f.
rewrite Hx, He.
unfold valid_exp in prop_exp.
specialize (prop_exp (e-1)%Z).
assert (e <= fexp e)%Z.
replace (fexp e) with (fexp (e-1)).
destruct (prop_exp (e-1)%Z) as (Y1,Y2).
apply sym_eq; apply Y2; omega.
absurd (x=0)%R.
auto with real.
rewrite Fx.
replace (Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x)) with 0%Z.
apply F2R_0.
apply sym_eq.
rewrite Ztrunc_floor.
unfold scaled_mantissa, canonic_exponent.
fold e.
apply mantissa_DN_small_pos; trivial.
unfold e; clear -Zx.
destruct (ln_beta beta x); simpl.
rewrite Rabs_right in a.
apply a.
auto with real.
apply Rle_ge; apply Rlt_le; easy.
unfold scaled_mantissa.
apply Rmult_le_pos.
apply Rlt_le; easy.
apply bpow_ge_0.
Theorem Fpred_format:
forall x, (0 < x)%R -> F x ->
F (Fpred x).
intros x Zx Fx.
case (Req_dec x (bpow (projT1 (ln_beta beta x)-1))); intros Hx.
replace (Fpred x) with (x - bpow (fexp (projT1 (ln_beta beta x)-1)))%R.
now apply Fpred_format_2.
unfold Fpred.
now rewrite Rcompare_Eq.
replace (Fpred x) with (x - ulp x)%R.
now apply Fpred_format_1.
unfold Fpred.
case_eq (Rcompare x (bpow (projT1 (ln_beta beta x) - 1))); intros H; trivial.
contradict Hx.
now apply Rcompare_Eq_inv.
unfold F, generic_format, canonic_exponent.
destruct (ln_beta beta f); simpl.
assert (
unfold valid_exp in prop_exp.
pred x + ulp (pred x) = x
pred x = x - ulp (x - ulp x / (1 ou 2 ou beta))
formule générale ???
Theorem toto2:
forall x,
x = bpow (projT1 (ln_beta beta x)) ->
......@@ -638,6 +730,8 @@ Theorem pred :
forall x : R,
{f | F x -> (0 < x)%R -> F f /\ (f + ulp f)%R = x}.
Theorem rounding_DN_succ :
forall x, (0 < x)%R -> F x ->
forall eps, (0 <= eps < ulp x)%R ->
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