Commit cb657b10 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Removed rependency.

parent f4328251
...@@ -643,22 +643,20 @@ Theorem generic_UP_pt_small_pos : ...@@ -643,22 +643,20 @@ Theorem generic_UP_pt_small_pos :
Rnd_UP_pt generic_format x (bpow (fexp ex)). Rnd_UP_pt generic_format x (bpow (fexp ex)).
Proof. Proof.
intros x ex Hx He. intros x ex Hx He.
assert (bpow (fexp ex) = F2R (Float beta 1 (fexp ex))). assert (bpow (fexp ex) = F2R (Float beta (Zpower (radix_val beta) (fexp ex - fexp (fexp ex + 1))) (fexp (fexp ex + 1)))).
unfold F2R. simpl. unfold F2R. simpl.
now rewrite Rmult_1_l. rewrite Z2R_Zpower.
destruct (F2R_prec_normalize beta 1 (fexp ex) (fexp ex) ((fexp ex + 1) - fexp (fexp ex + 1))) as (m, H0). rewrite <- epow_add.
apply Zpower_gt_1. apply f_equal.
generalize (proj1 (proj2 (prop_exp ex) He)). generalize (proj1 (proj2 (prop_exp ex) He)).
omega. omega.
rewrite <- H.
apply RRle_abs.
split. split.
(* . *) (* . *)
rewrite H. rewrite H.
eexists ; split ; [ apply H0 | idtac ]. eexists ; repeat split.
simpl. simpl.
intros H1. intros H1.
apply f_equal. apply f_equal.
apply sym_eq. apply sym_eq.
apply ln_beta_unique. apply ln_beta_unique.
...@@ -684,8 +682,8 @@ apply Rgt_not_eq. ...@@ -684,8 +682,8 @@ apply Rgt_not_eq.
apply Rlt_le_trans with (2 := Hgx). apply Rlt_le_trans with (2 := Hgx).
apply Rlt_le_trans with (2 := proj1 Hx). apply Rlt_le_trans with (2 := proj1 Hx).
apply epow_gt_0. apply epow_gt_0.
specialize (Hg2 H1). specialize (Hg2 H0).
destruct (ln_beta beta (Rabs g) (Rabs_pos_lt g H1)) as (eg, Hg3). destruct (ln_beta beta (Rabs g) (Rabs_pos_lt g H0)) as (eg, Hg3).
simpl in Hg2. simpl in Hg2.
apply Rnot_lt_le. apply Rnot_lt_le.
intros Hgp. intros Hgp.
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