Commit bff732c2 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Simplified proof.

parent 5a5f466e
......@@ -122,15 +122,12 @@ apply F2R_change_exp.
cut (e' - 1 < e + p)%Z. omega.
apply <- epow_lt.
apply Rle_lt_trans with (1 := Hf).
unfold F2R.
rewrite epow_add, Rabs_mult, Rabs_Z2R, Rabs_pos_eq.
rewrite Rmult_comm.
apply Rmult_lt_compat_l.
rewrite abs_F2R, Zplus_comm, epow_add.
apply Rmult_lt_compat_r.
apply epow_gt_0.
rewrite <- Z2R_Zpower.
now apply Z2R_lt.
exact Hp.
apply epow_ge_0.
End Float_prop.
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