Commit bde8c0b0 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Monotonicity of FLX_exp.

parent d981ca08
......@@ -235,15 +235,24 @@ now apply <- FLX_format_FLXN.
exact FLX_exp_correct.
(** FLX is a nice format which is not FTZ and that allows a rounding to nearest, ties to even *)
(** FLX is a nice format: it has a monotone exponent... *)
Theorem FLX_exp_monotone :
monotone_exp_prop FLX_exp.
intros ex ey Hxy.
now apply Zplus_le_compat_r.
(** it has normal numbers infinitely close to zero... *)
Theorem FLX_not_FTZ :
not_FTZ_prop FLX_exp.
intros e.
unfold FLX_exp.
apply monotone_exp_not_FTZ.
apply FLX_exp_correct.
apply FLX_exp_monotone.
(** and it allows a rounding to nearest, ties to even. *)
Hypothesis NE_prop : Zeven beta = false \/ (1 < prec)%Z.
Theorem NE_ex_prop_FLX :
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