Commit bcdd912b authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Simplified proof.

parent 1574e8c2
......@@ -84,13 +84,10 @@ intros Hx'.
assert (x = 0).
now apply Rle_antisym.
rewrite H in Hf |- *.
clear Hx Hx'.
clear H Hx Hx'.
rewrite Rnd_DN_pt_idempotent with (1 := Hf).
apply Rnd_UP_pt_refl.
apply Hany.
apply Rle_refl.
now intros.
apply Hany.
(* negative *)
destruct (proj1 (satisfies_any_imp_UP F Hany) x) as (f, Hf).
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