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Require Import Fcore.
Require Import Fcalc_ops.
Definition Zrnd_odd x := match Req_EM_T x (Z2R (Zfloor x)) with
| left _ => Zfloor x
......@@ -350,6 +351,7 @@ End Fcore_rnd_odd.
Section Odd_prop.
Variable beta : radix.
Hypothesis Even_beta: Zeven (radix_val beta)=true.
Notation bpow e := (bpow beta e).
......@@ -357,75 +359,159 @@ Variable fexp : Z -> Z.
Variable fexpe : Z -> Z.
Context { valid_exp : Valid_exp fexp }.
Context { exists_NE_ : Exists_NE beta fexp }.
(*Context { exists_NE_ : Exists_NE beta fexp }.*)
Context { monotone_exp : Monotone_exp fexp }.
Context { valid_expe : Valid_exp fexpe }.
Context { exists_NE_e : Exists_NE beta fexpe }.
Hypothesis fexpe_fexp: forall e, (fexpe e <= fexp e -2)%Z. (* ??? *)
Lemma generic_format_F2R_2: forall c, forall (x:R) (f:float beta),
x = F2R f -> ((x <> 0)%R ->
(canonic_exp beta c x <= Fexp f)%Z) ->
generic_format beta c x.
intros c x f H1 H2.
rewrite H1; destruct f as (m,e).
apply generic_format_F2R.
simpl in *; intros H3.
rewrite <- H1; apply H2.
intros Y; apply H3.
apply F2R_eq_0_reg with beta e.
now rewrite <- H1.
Variable choice:Z->bool.
Variable x:R.
Hypothesis xPos: (0 < x)%R.
Let d:= round beta fexp Zfloor x.
Let u:= round beta fexp Zceil x.
Let m:= ((d+u)/2)%R.
Variable d u: float beta.
Hypothesis Hd: Rnd_DN_pt (generic_format beta fexp) x (F2R d).
Hypothesis Cd: canonic beta fexp d.
Hypothesis Hu: Rnd_UP_pt (generic_format beta fexp) x (F2R u).
Hypothesis Cu: canonic beta fexp u.
Hypothesis dPos: (0 < F2R d)%R.
Lemma toto: (d<=x<m)%R ->
round beta fexp (Znearest choice) x = d.
Let m:= ((F2R d+F2R u)/2)%R.
Lemma d_eq: F2R d= round beta fexp Zfloor x.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
intros H.
apply Rnd_N_pt_unicity with (generic_format beta fexp) x d u.
apply Rnd_DN_pt_unicity with (generic_format beta fexp) x...
apply round_DN_pt...
apply round_UP_pt...
intros Y.
absurd (x < m)%R; try apply H.
apply Rle_not_lt; right.
apply Rplus_eq_reg_r with (-x)%R.
apply trans_eq with (- (x-d)/2 + (u-x)/2)%R.
unfold m; field.
rewrite Y; field.
apply round_N_pt...
apply Rnd_DN_UP_pt_N with d u...
apply generic_format_round...
apply round_DN_pt...
apply round_UP_pt...
right; apply trans_eq with (-(d-x))%R;[idtac|ring].
apply Rabs_left1.
apply Rplus_le_reg_l with x; ring_simplify.
apply H.
rewrite Rabs_left1.
apply Rplus_le_reg_l with (d+x)%R.
apply Rmult_le_reg_l with (/2)%R.
Lemma Fexp_d: Fexp d =fexp (ln_beta beta x).
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
apply bpow_inj with beta.
apply sym_eq, trans_eq with (ulp beta fexp x).
rewrite <- ulp_DN, Cd...
rewrite d_eq; reflexivity.
rewrite <- d_eq; assumption.
Lemma Fexp_u: (fexp (ln_beta beta x) <= Fexp u)%Z.
rewrite Cu; unfold canonic_exp.
apply monotone_exp.
apply ln_beta_le.
apply Rlt_le_trans with (1:=dPos).
apply Hd.
apply Hu.
Lemma d_le_m: (F2R d <= m)%R.
apply Rmult_le_reg_l with 2%R.
auto with real.
apply Rplus_le_reg_l with (-F2R d)%R.
apply Rle_trans with (F2R d).
right; ring.
apply Rle_trans with (F2R u).
apply Rle_trans with x.
right; field.
apply Rle_trans with m.
now left.
apply Hd.
apply Hu.
right; unfold m; field.
apply Rplus_le_reg_l with x; ring_simplify.
apply H.
; ring_simplify.
Lemma ln_beta_m: (ln_beta beta m =ln_beta beta (F2R d) :>Z).
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
apply ln_beta_unique.
rewrite Rabs_right.
apply Rle_trans with (F2R d).
destruct (ln_beta beta (F2R d)) as (e,He).
rewrite Rabs_right in He.
apply He.
now apply Rgt_not_eq.
apply Rle_ge; now left.
apply d_le_m.
Lemma Fm: generic_format beta fexpe m.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
specialize (Zeven_ex (radix_val beta)); rewrite Even_beta.
intros (b, Hb); rewrite Zplus_0_r in Hb.
assert (m=F2R (Fmult beta (Float beta b (-1)) (Fplus beta d u)))%R.
rewrite F2R_mult, F2R_plus.
unfold m; rewrite Rmult_comm.
unfold Rdiv; apply f_equal.
unfold F2R; simpl; unfold Z.pow_pos; simpl.
rewrite Zmult_1_r, Hb, Z2R_mult.
simpl; field.
apply Rgt_not_eq, Rmult_lt_reg_l with (Z2R 2).
simpl; auto with real.
rewrite Rmult_0_r, <-Z2R_mult, <-Hb.
apply radix_pos.
apply generic_format_F2R_2 with (1:=H).
intros Hm.
apply Zle_trans with (Zmin (Fexp d) (Fexp u) -1)%Z.
SearchAbout Z.min.
rewrite Z.min_l.
rewrite Fexp_d.
rewrite <- Fexp_d, Cd.
unfold canonic_exp.
apply Zle_trans
2: apply Zle_trans with (-1+Fexp (Fplus beta d u))%Z.
2: rewrite Fexp_Fplus; omega.
2: rewrite Zplus_comm; unfold Fmult; simpl; apply Zle_refl.
SearchAbout Znearest.
rewrite Fexp_Fplus.(Fplus beta d u
SearchPattern (Rnd_N_pt _ _ _).
apply Zle_refl.
apply Rle_antisym.
apply rnd_N_le_half_an_ulp...
unfold Fmult; simpl.
and rnd_N_ge_half_an_ulp
rewrite Fexp_Fmult.
rewrite <- H.
Lemma Zm:
exists g : float beta, m = F2R g /\ canonic g /\ Zeven (Fnum g) = true.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
......@@ -436,6 +522,13 @@ Theorem rnd_opp: forall x,
round beta fexp ZnearestE x.
Proof with auto with typeclass_instances.
intros x.
Rle_or_lt x m
apply round_unicity with (Rnd_NE_pt beta fexp) x...
apply Rnd_NE_pt_monotone...
2: apply round_NE_pt...
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