Commit abcfddd5 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Added truncate_0 and generic_format_truncate.

parent 7d63eb5f
......@@ -547,6 +547,62 @@ Definition truncate t :=
(Zdiv m p, (e + k)%Z, new_location p (Zmod m p) l)
else t.
Theorem truncate_0 :
forall e l,
let '(m', e', l') := truncate (0, e, l)%Z in
m' = Z0.
intros e l.
unfold truncate.
case Zlt_bool_spec ; intros He.
now rewrite Zdiv_0_l.
apply refl_equal.
Theorem generic_format_truncate :
forall m e l,
(0 <= m)%Z ->
let '(m', e', l') := truncate (m, e, l) in
format (F2R (Float beta m' e')).
intros m e l Hm.
unfold truncate.
set (k := (fexp (digits beta m + e) - e)%Z).
case Zlt_bool_spec ; intros Hk.
(* *)
destruct (Z_eq_dec (m / beta ^ k) 0) as [Hd|Hd].
rewrite Hd, F2R_0.
apply generic_format_0.
apply generic_format_canonic_exponent.
unfold canonic_exponent.
rewrite ln_beta_F2R_digits with (1 := Hd).
rewrite digits_shr with (1 := Hm).
replace (digits beta m - k + (e + k))%Z with (digits beta m + e)%Z by ring.
unfold k.
apply Zle_refl.
now apply Zlt_le_weak.
apply Znot_gt_le.
contradict Hd.
apply Zdiv_small.
apply conj with (1 := Hm).
rewrite <- Zabs_eq with (1 := Hm).
apply Zpower_gt_digits.
apply Zlt_le_weak.
now apply Zgt_lt.
(* *)
destruct (Zle_lt_or_eq _ _ Hm) as [Hm'|Hm'].
apply generic_format_canonic_exponent.
unfold canonic_exponent.
rewrite ln_beta_F2R_digits.
2: now apply Zgt_not_eq.
unfold k in Hk. clear -Hk.
rewrite <- Hm', F2R_0.
apply generic_format_0.
Theorem truncate_correct_format :
forall m e,
m <> Z0 ->
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