Commit ab798c04 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Simplified proof.

parent 38e7e5e5
......@@ -72,21 +72,15 @@ exists (Float beta 0 _) ; repeat split.
unfold F2R. simpl.
now rewrite Rmult_0_l.
simpl in Hx2.
unfold generic_format, canonic.
destruct (ln_beta beta (Rabs x)) as (ex, Hx4).
specialize (Hx4 (Rabs_pos_lt _ Hx3)).
destruct (F2R_prec_normalize beta xm xe (ex - 1) prec Hx2) as (mx, Hx5).
rewrite <- Hx1.
exact (proj1 Hx4).
rewrite Hx1.
replace (ex - 1 - (prec - 1))%Z with (ex - prec)%Z in Hx5 by ring.
rewrite Hx5.
eexists ; repeat split.
change (Fexp (Float beta mx (ex - prec))) with (FLX_exp ex).
apply f_equal.
apply sym_eq.
apply ln_beta_unique.
rewrite <- Hx5.
now rewrite <- Hx1.
rewrite Hx1, Hx5.
replace (ex - 1 - (prec - 1))%Z with (ex - prec)%Z by ring.
now eexists.
Theorem FLX_format_satisfies_any :
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