Commit 9e7452d5 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Added a relation between digits2_Pnat and digits.

parent 9869251b
......@@ -468,3 +468,26 @@ apply digits_mult_strong ; apply Zabs_pos.
End Fcalc_digits.
Definition radix2 := Build_radix 2 (refl_equal _).
Theorem Z_of_nat_S_digits2_Pnat :
forall m : positive,
Z_of_nat (S (digits2_Pnat m)) = digits radix2 (Zpos m).
intros m.
rewrite digits_ln_beta. 2: easy.
apply sym_eq.
apply ln_beta_unique.
generalize (digits2_Pnat m) (digits2_Pnat_correct m).
intros d H.
simpl in H.
replace (Z_of_nat (S d) - 1)%Z with (Z_of_nat d).
rewrite <- Z2R_abs.
rewrite <- 2!Z2R_Zpower_nat.
now apply Z2R_le.
now apply Z2R_lt.
rewrite inj_S.
apply Zpred_succ.
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