Commit 99e7d2b9 authored by BOLDO Sylvie's avatar BOLDO Sylvie

At least ! le_pred_lt finished...

parent bcc03886
......@@ -941,7 +941,6 @@ now apply Heps.
Theorem le_pred_lt:
forall x y,
F x -> F y ->
......@@ -949,52 +948,103 @@ Theorem le_pred_lt:
(x <= pred y)%R.
intros x y Hx Hy H.
assert (Zy:(0 < y)%R).
apply Rlt_trans with (1:=proj1 H).
apply H.
(* *)
assert (Zp: (0 < pred y)%R).
assert (Zp:(0 <= pred y)%R).
apply pred_pos; trivial.
apply Rlt_trans with (1:=proj1 H).
apply H.
destruct Zp; trivial.
generalize H0.
unfold pred.
destruct (ln_beta beta y); simpl.
destruct (ln_beta beta y) as (ey,Hey); simpl.
case Req_bool_spec; intros Hy2.
(* . *)
(* intros
y = beta^e=beta^ fexp e -> small pos
donc x aussi (exposant <=)
donc x est soit 0 soit y
donc absurde
unfold valid_exp in prop_exp.*)
intros Hy3.
assert (ey-1 = fexp (ey -1))%Z.
apply bpow_eq with beta.
rewrite <- Hy2, <- Rplus_0_l, Hy3.
assert (Zx: (x <> 0)%R).
now apply Rgt_not_eq.
destruct (ln_beta beta x) as (ex,Hex).
specialize (Hex Zx).
assert (ex <= ey)%Z.
apply bpow_lt_bpow with beta.
apply Rle_lt_trans with (1:=proj1 Hex).
apply Rlt_trans with (Rabs y).
rewrite 2!Rabs_right.
apply H.
now apply Rgt_ge.
now apply Rgt_ge.
apply Hey.
now apply Rgt_not_eq.
case (Zle_lt_or_eq _ _ H2); intros Hexy.
assert (fexp ex = fexp (ey-1))%Z.
apply (proj2 (prop_exp (ey-1)%Z)).
rewrite <- H1.
absurd (0 < Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x) < 1)%Z.
apply F2R_gt_0_reg with beta (canonic_exponent beta fexp x).
now rewrite <- Hx.
apply lt_Z2R.
apply Rmult_lt_reg_r with (bpow (canonic_exponent beta fexp x)).
apply bpow_gt_0.
replace (Z2R (Ztrunc (scaled_mantissa beta fexp x)) *
bpow (canonic_exponent beta fexp x))%R with x.
rewrite Rmult_1_l.
unfold canonic_exponent.
rewrite ln_beta_unique with beta x ex.
rewrite H3,<-H1, <- Hy2.
apply H.
exact Hex.
absurd (y <= x)%R.
now apply Rlt_not_le.
rewrite Rabs_right in Hex.
apply Rle_trans with (2:=proj1 Hex).
rewrite Hexy, Hy2.
now apply Rle_refl.
now apply Rgt_ge.
(* . *)
intros Hy3.
assert (y = bpow (fexp ey))%R.
apply Rminus_diag_uniq.
rewrite Hy3.
unfold ulp, canonic_exponent.
rewrite (ln_beta_unique beta y ey); trivial.
apply Hey.
now apply Rgt_not_eq.
contradict Hy2.
rewrite <- round_DN_pred with y (Rmin y (ulp (pred y))).
apply round_monotone_l; trivial.
apply generic_format_0.*)
rewrite H1.
apply f_equal.
apply Zplus_reg_l with 1%Z.
apply trans_eq with (ln_beta beta y).
apply sym_eq; apply ln_beta_unique.
rewrite H1, Rabs_right.
apply -> bpow_le.
apply -> bpow_lt.
apply Rle_ge; apply bpow_ge_0.
apply ln_beta_unique.
apply Hey.
now apply Rgt_not_eq.
(* *)
case (Rle_or_lt (ulp (pred y)) (y-x)); intros H1.
(* *)
(* . *)
apply Rplus_le_reg_r with (-x + ulp (pred y))%R.
ring_simplify (x+(-x+ulp (pred y)))%R.
apply Rle_trans with (1:=H1).
rewrite <- (pred_ulp y) at 1; trivial.
apply Req_le; ring.
apply Rlt_trans with (1:=proj1 H); easy.
now apply Rgt_not_eq.
(* *)
(* . *)
replace x with (y-(y-x))%R by ring.
rewrite <- round_DN_pred with (eps:=(y-x)%R); try easy.
ring_simplify (y-(y-x))%R.
......@@ -1006,10 +1056,4 @@ now apply Rlt_le.
End Fcore_ulp.
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