Commit 7fbe3efd authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Proved that FP numbers are representable with a subnormal exponent when not in FTZ.

parent 05352609
......@@ -836,4 +836,32 @@ apply Rnd_UP_pt_unicity with (1 := H).
apply generic_UP_pt.
Hypothesis not_FTZ : forall e, (fexp (fexp e + 1) <= fexp e)%Z.
Theorem subnormal_exponent :
forall e x,
(e <= fexp e)%Z ->
generic_format x ->
x = F2R (Float beta (Ztrunc (x * bpow (- fexp e))) (fexp e)).
intros e x He Hx.
pattern x at 2 ; rewrite Hx.
unfold F2R at 2. simpl.
rewrite Rmult_assoc, <- bpow_add.
assert (H: Z2R (Zpower (radix_val beta) (canonic_exponent x + - fexp e)) = bpow (canonic_exponent x + - fexp e)).
apply Z2R_Zpower.
unfold canonic_exponent.
set (ex := projT1 (ln_beta beta x)).
generalize (not_FTZ ex).
generalize (proj2 (proj2 (prop_exp _) He) (fexp ex + 1)%Z).
rewrite <- H.
rewrite <- mult_Z2R, Ztrunc_Z2R.
unfold F2R. simpl.
rewrite mult_Z2R.
rewrite H.
rewrite Rmult_assoc, <- bpow_add.
now ring_simplify (canonic_exponent x + - fexp e + fexp e)%Z.
End RND_generic.
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