Commit 44d263fb authored by BOLDO Sylvie's avatar BOLDO Sylvie

Still WIP predecessor

parent 3e16e76c
......@@ -595,6 +595,38 @@ omega.
Theorem toto2:
forall x, (0 < x)%R -> F x ->
let e :=projT1 (ln_beta beta x) in
x = bpow (e - 1) ->
F (x - bpow (fexp (e-1))).
(* intros x Zx Fx e Hx.
pose (f:=(x - bpow (fexp (e - 2)))%R).
fold f.
assert (f <> 0)%R.
apply Rminus_eq_contra.
rewrite Hx.
apply sym_not_eq.
apply Rlt_not_eq.
apply -> bpow_lt.
unfold valid_exp in prop_exp.
specialize (prop_exp (e-1)%Z).
unfold F, generic_format, canonic_exponent.
destruct (ln_beta beta f); simpl.
assert (
unfold valid_exp in prop_exp.
Theorem toto2:
forall x,
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